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Welcome to the Kiribati Ports Authority website, your gateway to the world of maritime connectivity in the Pacific. As the premier authority overseeing the ports of Kiribati, we take great pride in facilitating efficient and secure maritime operations throughout our island nation.





Aspire to become the most efficient ports in the Pacific Region in sustaining green and economic growth through excellence in Port activities and services.

KPA is committed to facilitate trade and enhance economic development through the provision and management of port services and facilities to its valued local and overseas customers.

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Kiribati Ports Authority Gives Dividents to Kiribati Government


KPA Facilities

Tarawa New Port

The main port for all vessels from overseas to Kiribati. Kiribati Ports Authority's HQ is stationed here.

Christmas Island Port

Managed by KPA in Tarawa. Given the remoteness of Line and Phoenix group, the Branch is there to facilitate entry and exit of international cargoes to that group.