Booking Procedure

Guideline to Pickup / Drop - off container at KPA

Vehicle Booking System:

Please follow these instructions carefully:

1. Before submitting your documents to the customer counter service at the KPA (to Tally 2), ensure that all 'Custom Release Order' documents are checked.

2. To book a vehicle for pickup and drop-off, contact Tally 2 in person or via email at

3. After confirming your documents, Tally 2 will schedule a pickup/drop-off time with the KPA Yard Planner. You will receive an email with the booking time and schedule.

4. The KPA Yard Planners will locate and arrange your container for pickup at the pickup zone before the scheduled pickup time. It is important to note that the pickup window is only 30 minutes.

5. If you miss your pickup window, your container will be returned, and you must book again.

6. Please note that trucks/side lifters must park outside the KPA yard and will only be allowed entrance during their scheduled pickup/drop-off window.

7. Trucks/side lifters entering the yard are expected to pick up/drop off containers and exit right away.