Overstayed Cargoes

Storage Charge

No storage charges shall be levied on inward cargoes (excluding Perishable goods and Dangerous goods) but must be cleared within 21 working days (42 working days for transshipment) after arrival on the wharf after which uncleared cargoes shall be auctioned to recover costs.

1. Timber $8.00/m3/day (Minimum 1 day)
2. Steel products/Iron rods $10.00/m3/day
3. Cars/Vehicles (Minimum 1 day)
    (i) Light ( < 2="" tonne)="">
    (ii) Heavy (> 2 tonne) $150.00/unit/day 
4. Electronic appliances $9.00/ctn/day
5. Cements/gravel/sand $12.00/m3/tonne/day
6. Transshipment Reefer cargo TEU -$5.00/FEU-$10 reefer/hr(Min 1hr)
7. Others (general cargo) $5.00/m3/tonne/day (Min 1 day)
8. Personal effects (not exceeding 1m3) $1. 00/ m3/day

For more information, please refer to our tariff.

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