Releasing & Payments


1. KPA yard will still open to the visitors and customers but with certain restrictions.

2. All visitors and customers will be directed to park at the Dai Nippon yard.

3. KPA security will screen the entrance to the KPA yard based on KPA service that the customer will require.

4. Customers may be asked to wait at the Canteen until assistance is ready, but inquiries should be provided to the security for whichever KPA service will be required.

5. Customers will be called or allowed to enter KPA from Gate 07 once assistance is ready. But mask should be worn when entering KPA yard. Those without a mask will not be allowed to enter. (Gate 07 is the gate next to the canteen).

6. Customers must wash their hands with the tap and soap provided at Gate 07 before entering KPA compound.

7. Customers are kindly urged to follow instructions and procedures inside KPA compound and offices.

8. Please wear mask and maintain a 2-meter distancing at all times while in KPA compound and offices.


9. KPA is encouraging payment through Internet Banking (IB). KPA can share its bank account for the IB transaction.

10. Inquiries on internet banking payment can be enquired to the emails: or or office phone numbers: 75126972, 751975, 63018638 or 63018639.

11. Invoices for local purchases are also encouraged to be sent to the above emails for KPA’s payment.

12. KPA is also inviting customers to share their bank accounts for KPA direct payment through IB transactions.

13. For customers without IB, a normal procedure of payment is still in practice but do take extra care with mask, social distancing and hand washing.


14. Devanning & Vanning will be closed during the vessel operation. Only for urgent cargoes that such service can be considered. This service will only be opened when the cargo vessel is not in port.

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I am interested in the post of Tally clerk
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Mauri, I'm interested in the post of Tally clerk and Debt Collector

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Mauri, I am interested in the post for HR but cannot open the link to view the details

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