Piloting of overseas vessels

A. No vessel will be piloted into KPA waters until is cleared from Health.

B. Port control will direct all vessels to quarantine designated area upon arrival in Tarawa.

C. Vessel will be sent away if it is not cleared – Health will advise so.

D. Port will close to fishing vessels.

E. If vessels (including fishing vessels) are suspected of the virus but their entry to the port is essential, the following below shall be considered; -

  i) If the pilot refuses to board the vessel for pilotage due to risk of the virus, the pilot will pilot the vessel to the jetty from pilot boat should the vessel master agrees.

 ii) If the vessel refuses to be piloted by the pilot boat due to risk of aground, discharge of essential cargoes will be arranged outside the pilot station using landing crafts.

 iii) Should it be necessary for the pilot to board the vessel for pilotage, the pilot shall wear full PPE and avoid body contact with officers and crew on the vessel.

iv) Min of Health will assist in providing PPE and training on the use of the PPE